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Computer Ergonomic Assessor Training

Training WA Assessment 

This comprehensive, yet practical, training programme is designed to equip you with the skills and confidence to conduct Workstation Assessments for your staff.

Training format:

Training takes approximately five hours (including a break for lunch) and is in two parts:

  1. Two & half -hours, theory session - based on a 45-page training manual (that you get to keep).
  2. One-two hours “real-life” practical coaching session - completed with the co-operation of two of your work colleagues.

Where training takes place:

  • Training is conducted on-site, for your organisation, at your organisation.
  • Training is carried out throughout New Zealand. NOTE: If outside of Auckland, additional costs are added for travel from and to Auckland.
  • An option exists for completing this training remotely if COVID lockdown levels prevent training taking place onsite.

Who the training is for:

  • Trained staff often include office managers, HR personale and H&S committee members.
  • Between 1 and 6 staff can be trained at any time (with additional costs per person).

What you will learn about:

  • What OOS and DPI are, including their contributory factors
  • Why our muscles get sore when working at a workstation
  • What actions to take when different parts of the body become sore
  • The value of regular stretching combined with relevant animated stretching exercises
  • What information to request in your Pre-evaluation Questionnaire
  • What items to include in your Workstation Assessment Checklist
  • How to choose appropriate office furniture such as footrests, ergonomic chairs and computer desks (including standing desks)
  • How to choose appropriate workstation hardware including mice, keyboards and monitor mounting arms
  • Workstation hardware optimal ergonomic settings for an individual (completed during the "real-life" practical coaching session)
  • Workstation software settings and work-break reminders
  • What environmental factors need to be considered
  • How to carry out a remote (e.g.home-office) Workstation Assessment
  • Health & Safety requirements for computer workstations including the OSH Approved Code of Practice

Trainer expertise:

Training is conducted by a professional with over 14 years’ experience as an assessor; trained in the management of discomfort, pain & injury; and a NZQA work-station assessment accredited practitioner (NZQA standard 17591). They are a member of HFESNZ (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand).

Happy customers:

A number of New Zealand companies have now received Computer ergonomic assessment training with Joyworkz. They work in a range of industries including IT, health, insurance and engineering. 95% of those trained rank the course as excellent!

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