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Remote Work From Home Services


1: Remote Ergonomic Services (via Zoom or similar platform)

What is a Workstation Assessment?:

A workstation assessment is a comprehensive process that aims to identify and correct any poor ergonomic settings and practises which could be causing current or future discomfort (or pain). Computer work is commonly associated with neck, shoulder, back or arm pain, as well as with fatigue and eyestrain. Even small changes made to your staff’s workstations and work practices can improve their productivity, whilst ensuring discomfort, pain and injury are minimised.

Remote work from home based ergonomic options:

In addition to face-to-face office (or home-based) assessments, Joyworkz offer a specialist remote workstation assessment service, suitable for remote workers living outside Auckland or those working from home as a result of COVID-19. These services can also be provided within a shared office-space, across the country.

A remote ergonomic assessment can be conducted for individuals at their workstation, regardless of location. It aims to identify and correct any poor ergonomic settings, practises or hardware which could be causing current or future discomfort (or pain).

1) Comprehensive Individual Remote Workstation Assessment (30 minutes)

This comprehensive individual assessment is conducted via Zoom (or similiar platform) with an individual working from home. This option is particularly suitable for someone presently experiencing pain or discomfort. A full report will be provided to management covering changes made and any recommendations.

Delivered via Zoom (or similiar platform), or landline or mobile phone.

2) ‘Remote Work Ergonomic Seminar’ for groups (50 minutes)

This seminar provides education for workers on correct ergonomic set-up for a home-based office. It is most suitable for a company with a number of employees working from home who want to ensure that their home office is ergonomically sound. The seminar takes around 40 minutes, followed by time for questions. 

Delivered via Zoom (or similiar platform), with a chat function. 

2: Remote Wellness Services (via Zoom or similar platform)

Remote work has both advantages and challenges. The following services are designed to help your employees thrive.

Wellness seminar and coaching options:

1) ‘Remote and Resilient’ Seminar (50 minutes)

Under the present circumstances (with Covid-19), more and more employees are still working from home. While it certainly has its advantages (e.g. hanging out with the dog, no travel time), working from home can also come with challenges, including mental, physical and social. These challenges can include fear and anxiety resulting from the current uncertain times. However, there are many positive, useful steps that we can take, to build resilience and continue to thrive. This enjoyable seminar offers many practical ways to overcome the current challenges of working from home!

Delivered via Zoom (or similar platform), with a chat function, to multiple employees.

2) Wellbeing check-ins for remote workers (10 minutes)

A friendly check-in is available by an experienced, caring coach to keep in contact with your workforce. This will assist workers to feel less isolated and let them know you care. The coach will highlight the need for them to take good care of their mental, physical and social wellbeing while working from home, and provide suggestions for helpful, appropriate resources. This is a coaching check-in call, rather than counselling (which some employees find awkward).

Delivered via Zoom (or similar platform) or by phone to individual employee.

3) Individual happiness at work coaching for remote workers facing specific challenges (1-hour session, three sessions)

Individualised coaching sessions are also available for individuals facing specific work challenges getting in the way of them enjoying work from home (or work in general) e.g. work-uncertainty, work-stress, time-management, work-communication, remote work, healthy lifestyles, work-life balance. Three sessions are available (weekly or fortnightly). Coaching is particularly effective in supporting employee engagement and thereby enhancing motivation and productivity.

  • Session 1: Identifying challenges, goal setting and practical strategies
  • Session 2: Reviewing progress and strategies
  • Session 3: Celebrating successes, identifying additional strategies and planning for the future

Delivered via Zoom (or similar platform) or by phone to individual employee.

NOTE: We are happy to adapt our services to meet your organisations needs during these challenging and rapidly changing times. Feel free to contact us to chat about your specific requirements and evolving needs.


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