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Staff training at your place (or remotely) this lunch time!

Convenient, effective wellness & health and safety on-site (or remote) training

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Do you need help to encourage staff in healthy, safe life-style and work practices including stress prevention, good mental health, time-management, healthy eating & OOS prevention? Don't know where to begin?

Short informative wellness seminars

Try our short, 50-60 minutes effective on-site (or remote) training in a fun, friendly atmosphere. In our experience, it s often difficult for companies to take staff off the job for a whole days training. The loss of a working day can be expensive and can also place staff under additional pressure. We have found that companies (including those offering wellness corporate solutions) appreciate our flexibility in being able to provide short, but effective, training sessions.

Experienced, qualified trainers

Our facilitators have seen the impact of stress in their own lives (including during COVID-19) and learnt the hard way to start making healthy, positive choices. Deciding how to work hard and stay well has been a challenging journey. This has included study in various health and academic professions. As a result our trainers are committed to workplace wellbeing and using their hard won skills and experience to help others.

Convenient workplace wellness and health & safety training at your place

We come to you! We offer in-house training, or training via Zoom (or similar platform) that is conveniently timed so as not to disrupt work-flow and busy staff. Companies often book our training during a lunch-time.

  • Convenient 50-60 minute in-house (or remote) training
  • Minimal disruption to work-flow, or can be run during lunch-time
  • Qualified, experienced facilitators passionate about what they teach
  • Presentations include research data, humour, pictures and practical strategies
  • Easy to implement small but powerful life-style changes
  • Training to inform, inspire and motivate staff
  • Range of topics including stress prevention, mental health, time-management, healthy eating & OOS prevention

Excellent value for money!

Employee wellness, including mental wellbeing, is a growing concern for New Zealand businesses as poor employee health, obesity and high stress can impact on performance and productivity. Wellness training (and mental health courses) provide employees with practical skills. Staff also appreciate training as it shows that you care. This encourages loyalty, commitment and retention, which are invaluable commodities for any business.

Common questions about our wellness training...

What if my workplace has unique issues? Each facilitator will have a chat with you when booking the presentation to ensure they emphasise components of the presentation that best meet your needs.

How do I know this training will be effective?

Our facilitators are experienced and have trained in a number of workplaces and industries. Our training is most effective if workplaces have an effective health and wellness policy place. 

A range of benefits:

  • Staff will experience an interesting, enjoyable, practical training session
  • Staff will feel respected and cared for
  • Companies will enjoy the productivity benefits of happier, healthier, more engaged staff

What is your investment?

Depending where your business is located, the prices are as follows:

Auckland: Inner City Location or Webinar

$425.00 plus G.S.T

Auckland: Outer City Location

$425.00 plus G.S.T (plus possible additional travel costs)

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