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'A Practical Approach to Happiness at Work': Individual 6 Week Coaching Programme

(Face-to-face, or via Skype, 1 to 1.5 hours per week)

Happiness at Work Group Coaching

Turn your lacklustre job into a job you love!

We are at work too many hours to be bored or miserable. However, when we feel that way, it’s not always easy know what to do.

• Perhaps the job you loved has now become a bit dull and boring.
• Maybe you wake up dreading your day.
• You might be a high achiever whose lost zest for their role. 
• Maybe you’d like a job that feels more meaningful.
• Perhaps you don’t feel like your skills are recognised or you’re having the opportunity to grow.
• You might be thinking about leaving your work but aren’t sure what to do next.
• Or, you can’t leave your job, but don’t know how to make things better.
• Perhaps you’re tried several jobs and are still not happy.

This programme draws on research I have done with people who always enjoy their work. It offers compelling insights and strategies to help you take back control and find a positive way ahead – empowering you to achieve greater happiness, fulfilment and meaning in your work.

Programme Content

Session 1: Open to Possibility

  • Move from feeling stuck and uncertain about your work, to feeling hopeful, in control and open to possibility.
  • Start enjoying your work more NOW as you live out your personal values or priorities in the present.
  • Begin noticing changes in your attitude to work immediately.
  • Discover how to stay positive and expectant of good things for the future.

Session 2: Managing Emotions and Unhelpful Thoughts

  • Process difficult emotions in a healthy way – moving from stress to a sense of excitement and empowerment.
  • Embrace each workday, as you learn to manage unhelpful, negative thoughts in positive, proactive, ways.

Session 3: Designing your perfect job

  • Become adept at what is called ‘job crafting’ - taking your job and finding ways, however small, to make it your own.
  • Discover what activities provide you with optimum engagement and enjoyment and explore ways to integrate these further into your workday.
  • Identify outdated beliefs and assumptions and uncover ‘hidden’ opportunities in your current work situation.

Session 4: Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • Recognise when and how to set constructive boundaries.
  • Become aware of unhelpful default roles you play in relationships and a positive way to reframe them that draws on your strengths.
  • Experience a greater sense of personal peace.

Session 5: Healthy Communication

  • Tap into your personal power.
  • Use effective tools to communicate your needs and assert healthy boundaries.
  • Build positive, respectful and healthy work (and life) relationships.

Session 6: Planning for Success

  • Prioritise actions for the coming months, in a fun, inspiring way (including any career change options if relevant).
  • Combat fears standing in the way of change.
  • Celebrate what you have achieved.


$720.00 (including GST) – Face to Face or via Skype (depending on your location).

Small group coaching (for a group of up to 4 people) $400.00 per person (including GST).


  • Weekly coaching sessions (online so you can take part anywhere in the world)
  • Caring coach, who really listens
  • Accountability
  • Six motivating modules (1-1.5 hours per week, for 6 weeks)
  • Powerful exercises
  • Printable success worksheets
  • Ongoing email support, ask any question, any time
  • Private facebook group membership for those who have participated and want to share tips with each other on achieving happiness at work.


About the Coach


Kathryn Owler (PhD), has a lifelong interest in vocational experience, specialising in fun at work. She has worked as a lecturer, researcher, social worker and trainer. She loves to coach and mentor others to help them live a great life and enjoy their work. After completing her PhD in sociology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, she has enthusiastically researched and published on the subject of fun and wellbeing at work. This has included publishing a memoir 'Fun at Work: A Journey of Acceptance, Joy and True Meaning'. Kathryn has learned through both research, and hands-on through her own tussles with work life, many strategies to enjoy life more. She is currently a director of Joyworkz. Read Kathryn's Story... 

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