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'A Practical Approach to Happiness at Work': Group Coaching 1 Day Workshop

(5 hour group workshop + follow-up 45-minute 1:1 coaching session)

Happiness at Work Group Coaching

This workshop empowers participants to take practical steps to achieve greater fun, fulfilment and enjoyment at work – Make work your ‘happy place’!

Research shows that up to 60% of New Zealand workers are not engaged. This has implications for both productivity and the retention of talented staff. On the other hand, workers who are happier are 10% more engaged and 31% more productive!

Developed by Dr Kathryn Owler, this programme draws on her published research and considerable experience. It uses coaching methods to help participants learn about themselves and develop powerful strategies to overcome barriers to engagement and enjoyment at work.

Suitable for those businesses and organisations:

  • seeking to prioritise fun and enjoyment in the workplace
  • wanting to retain good staff by promoting increased engagement and satisfaction at work
  • interested in promoting productivity and creativity
  • concerned to support staff who are experiencing significant challenges at work
  • that care about their staff and want to see them flourish

Workshop outcomes: 

  • Discover powerful ‘happiness’ coaching tools to achieve greater fulfilment at work both now and in the future
  • Identify key personal values that can help you overcome work challenges that hinder your enjoyment NOW!
  • Practice valuable strategies to stay positive and take effective action when upset, stressed or feeling gloomy
  • Craft your ‘perfect job’, by taking ownership and making your job your own!
  • Uncover ‘hidden’ opportunities in your current work situation
  • Discover the secrets of loving your job and develop a practical plan to get started right away!


About the Coach


Kathryn Owler (PhD), has a lifelong interest in vocational experience, specialising in fun at work. She has worked as a lecturer, researcher, social worker and trainer. She loves to coach and mentor others to help them live a great life and enjoy their work. After completing her PhD in sociology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, she has enthusiastically researched and published on the subject of fun and wellbeing at work. This has included publishing a memoir 'Fun at Work: A Journey of Acceptance, Joy and True Meaning'. Kathryn has learned through both research, and hands-on through her own tussles with work life, many strategies to enjoy life more. She is currently a director of Joyworkz. Read Kathryn's Story... 

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