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Remote Work Ergonomic and Wellness Services

Thank you Ross for a very helpful, engaging, interesting and entertaining [Remote Work Ergonomic] webinar. We will continue to work with Joyworkz in the future! Lucy Boomer, People & Organisational Development Manager, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. 

Ross, thank you for ... hosting the [Remote Work Ergonomic] webinar [yesterday]. The feedback so far is that it has been very helpful. Rebecca Taylor, HR, Springer Nature. 

Hey Kathryn, that [Remote and Resilient webinar you just presented] was awesome! Good feedback [from staff] ...I think it went really well!!! Getting good feedback of people wanting to see more!" Ryan Tongapuna, Safety and Wellbeing Manager, Manukau Institute of Technology.

Ross, thanks to both yourself and Kathryn for the tailored session [on Working Well Remotely during COVID-19], I have already had feedback that people found it very useful. Krystal Marshall, Office Manager, Auckland District Law Society.

Thanks, that was a fun seminar [on Working Well Remotely during COVID-19]! Dr Kay Hammond, Senior Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, AUT University of Technology.

Thanks Ross! Our staff really enjoyed your recent online ergonomic consultations for their home offices. Clark Hyland, Director, Hyland (Engineering) Consultants.

I thought the [Remote Work Ergonomic] webinar went really well and was definitely incredibly helpful for our people! Aimee Wiltshire, Human Resources, Vista.

Ergonomics - Workstation Assessments (office)

Like to thank you (Ross) for coming out today and looking at all this (workstation assessments) for us. Very professional service from the first email I sent. Paul Davidson, Team Manager, The Salvation Army.

Thank you very much for your great service [Ross]. I've only received positive feedback. Linley Hutchnson, Accounts and Health & Safety, Vodafone Warriors.

Ross, on behalf of Te Hononga, I would like to thank you for the comprehensive assessment report. As well, I received excellent feedback on your professionalism and industry knowledge that were used while working and meeting with our team. Marion Hakaraia, General Manager, Te Hononga.

Thank you Ross for carrying out Workstation Assessments with our staff recently. I have received excellent feedback from our staff members regarding the assessments and they have commented on your positive demeanour and professional manner during the assessment process. Your recommendations will be implemented and I am sure our staff will be happier in their work as a result. We will definitely contact you again in the future when the need arises. Brian Cleûr, National Health & Safety Officer, Etco (The Electrical Training Company Ltd).

Thank you for providing a great service and sorting out our work stations. Will thoroughly recommend you to other businesses!. Fiona Strand, HR Administrator, SMX Secure Cloud Solutions.

Thank you Ross (and Joyworkz) for the comprehensive assessment you made on all our staff workstations. Everyone has been satisfied with the changes recommended by yourself. We remain mindful of any changes in our work environment. Sue Clark (Office Manager), Heart Children NZ.

Thanks so much Ross for the [workstation] assessment and quick follow up with report. I'd definitely recommend Ross' service to anyone. Within a few minutes he suggested some easy to make changes that make a world of difference for my health, which I'm sure will rub off on my energy levels, which will for sure have a positive effect on my life and biz! Saskia van der Geest (Managing Director), Unleashideas.

Ergonomics - Workstation Assessments (home based)

Thank you for the very useful home-based assessment. I was impressed by Ross's knowledge, patience and professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone! Jeannette Rowe, Independent Contractor.

Ergonomics - Workstation Assessor Training

Ross was very methodical, informative, thorough and knowledgeable with current workstation training. Michelle Timmermans, Johnson Controls.

Ross was fantastic at conveying information and moved at a great pace which maintained a consistent level of attention. The Joyworkz website will be a great resource to me. Thanks for creating such a fantastic resource with a variety of information. Amy McNaught, Tower Insurance. 

The training was very enjoyable. I did have some basic previous knowledge, but Ross extended this extremely. Ross was awesome. Everyone could see how passionate he was, and when it came to the assessments he was so helpful. I can confidently carry out my assessments now. Rebecca Telfer, Keith Andrews Trucks. 

Really enjoyed the training and it was very easy to talk to Ross who clearly is an expert who was able to answer all our questions. Kirsten Brown, Ignite Architects. 

Extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session and looking forward to putting some of the techniques I've learned today into practice. The session was properly organised. Dennis Belleza, Southern Cross Travel Insurance. 

The [workstation assessor] training was conducted professionally and clearly. I learnt alot about how to help make the work space more comfortable, safe and pain manageable. Ross is a great teacher! The training is very informative. [The manual] is fantastic. Lisa Kendall, Taikura Trust.

Ross is a wealth of knowledge who provided sound information to all aspects of the workshop in a manner that was easy to learn and pick up. Agnes Paterson, Taikura Trust.

The [workstation assessor] training was great. There were so many areas that I had not thought about. Yvonne Walker, Hobbiton Movie Set Tours.

Ross was very helpful [during the workstation assessor training] and answered all our questions in an informative way. He was very hands on - which helped met to learn by experiencing. Reegan Hill, Woods Ltd.

Great [workstation assessor] training by Ross. He is a very knowledgeable trainer and the practical tips were very helpful. Hannes Strydom, Tower Insurance.

A fanastic course! Ross answered all questions really clearly and explained everything in an easy to understand way. His approach is fantastic. Kim Morris, Bevie.

Great training by Ross. He is a very knowledgeable trainer and the practical tips were very helpful. Hannes Strydom, Tower Insurance.

Thankyou Ross for the information. I have all the tools I need to start doing assessments! Training was informative and I learnt heaps! Ross was very thorough and very clear. Sheena Fatialofa, HealthWest.

Ross was very personable and had a great depth of knowledge. He was able to suggest options and alternatives easily and delivered the training in an interesting and engaging manner. Jenny Williams, Dairy Nutraceuticals Limited.

Ross was very personable and had a great depth of knoweldge. He was able to suggest options and alternatives easily and delivered the training in an interesting and engaging manner. I particularly like that he brought his anatomical spone model along which helped with understanding how we react to pain (Quite funny!). Jenny Williams, Dairy Nutraceuticals Limited.

Easy to understand presentation together with "hands-on" training afterwards. Ross kept it interesting and answered any querries we had as we went along. Karen Davies, Martelli McKegg Lawyers.

I received intial training 5 years ago, so it was good to do a refresher as I learned something new. I would definitely recommend to my Legal Networking Group. Heather French, Denham Bramwell Lawyers.

I liked both sessions of the training but especially the practical part of it when clients adjusted to the (new) requirements. Joseph Wambia, PricewaterhouseCoopers New Zealand Ltd

Very easy to follow, Great hands-on session and guidance. Ngaire Clayton, Kristin School.

Really enjoyed this workshop. The facilitator kept us engaged throughout the session. I have come away confident that I can undertake a professional (workstation) assessment. Megan Ranford, South Taranaki District Council.

Excellent training session with a very knowledgeable tutor - Thankyou!. Liz Eyles, Auckland Radiology Group.

Thank your for the informative training session and guidance. Clear tools were provided to undertake and do our workplace assessments. Tanya Mulholland, HealthWest.

[The] Workstation Assessor Training was practical and enjoyable. Anne Kelderman, Grant Thornton.

Ergonomics - Lectures

Ross, I genuinely enjoyed the talk that you presented to the students as it was knowledge-filled and at the same time entertaining. You met the learning outcomes that I wanted the students to get from the lecture, which is very pleasing and you were in line with our philosophy at the college. Walid Bashouri, Chiropractic Lecturer/Resident in Diagnostic Imaging.

I thought your talk was great, and very relevant to our students if they are serious about staying in a career that involves such dangerous objects as keyboards and mice. I'm sure that every course here should hear your message, and I'll certainly invite you back to every one that I'm in charge of. Steve Yeoman, Lecturer, NatColl Design Technology.

Occupational Health Services

Thanks so much [for the reports]...[The health testing] all went very well and Kerry [your Occupational Health Nurse] is a pleasure. Angie de Silva, Administration Manager, Kiwi Maintenance Group Ltd.

Thank you for the health testing. Much appreciated. I had glowing reports about Kerry and the health checks were well received. Charlotte Hobson, Marketing Manager, Liquidstone Ltd.

As a Health and Safety manager, I found your nurse to be very professional, reliable, honest and efficient. She would research material to ensure that the health documentation remained current and relevant to the organisation, then develop presentation in a timely and professional manner. Mike Wilson, Human Resources, Watercare Services Limited, Auckland.

I had some very good feedback from staff on their health check experience. Most people thought it was very beneficial for them and we would not hesitate to recommend Joyworkz to other businesses. We all thought the nurse was wonderful and she was kind and easy to deal with. Danielle Pink, Customer Relationship Specialist, Kotahi.

We recently had our staff undergo health testing through you and found it to be a great service. Angie de Silva, Kiwi Maintenance Group Ltd.

Wellness Seminars

Hey Kathryn. Thanks for taking the time ... to present. The feedback from the sessions [Navigating Time & Beating Stress] so far have been really great and it sounds like everyone has taken something away from them. Georgia Hubert, People & Culture, Ezyvet.

Thanks so much for the seminars this afternoon. They were fantastic. The team were buzzing with energy and ideas. Kara Hodgson, Deputy Principal, Hillsborough Primary School.

We had lots of positive feedback about the workshop last week [Kathryn], so thank you! Helen Watts, Thomson Reuters.

Thank you Kathryn so much for coming in last Friday [to present the 'Beat Stress & Boost Mental Health' seminar]. I think everyone took something valuable from your seminar and definitely got us talking in the office. Elizabeth Roberts, Safari Group.

Kathryn, thank you for coming and talking to the Practice Managers last Friday. The content was perfect and the feedback very positive. Heidi Bubendorfer, PMAANZ (Practice Managers and Administrators Association of NZ).

Thank you so much for coming in today and giving us all some strategies for beating stress and boosting mental health. I’ve had great feedback from today’s session that it was a good reminder of all the things we should be doing to reduce our stress!. Sarah Fair, Health & Safety Coordinator, Arnott's NZ Ltd.

Thanks Kathryn for a great seminar. I have received good feedback and everyone seems to have really enjoyed it as well as getting something out of your session. Leanne Killgour, HR Manager, Catholic Diocese of Auckland.

It was lovely to meet you on Friday (Kathryn). Thanks very much for a great, informative workshop (Beating Stress and Boosting Mental Health). I've received nothing but positive feedback. Jessica Tutti, OSH Advisor, City Rail Link Project.

Many thanks for your presentation today – there was some great feedback from the team about the value of your presentation and am sure everyone took away something to help them handle stress. Katie Noble, Managing Director, Allied Medical Ltd.

JoyWorkz [presented two] courses for our branch on OOS/DPI and stress prevention. We felt the courses were well designed and helped us to develop positive habits and attitudes. On behalf of the team and on my personal behalf, thank you very much!" Qemajl Murati (Immigration Manager), Refugee Quota Branch, Department of Labour.

Kathryn Owler and Ross Thomson from JoyWorkz...were engaging and knowledgeable speakers who actively involved the class and gave a relevant and interesting presentation. They were professional, approachable and enthusiastic. I look forward to including their material in the syllabus in the future. Rachel Morrison Ph.D. (Lecturer), AUT Faculty of Business.

JoyWorkz key approach is fun based and with the use of visual, audio, hands on and humour the presentations made the day incredibly informative, constructive and enjoyable. I can certainly recommend their approach to any workplace. Steve Furlong (Accountant), Furlong and Associates.

Wellness Programmes

We wanted to increase our focus on the wellbeing and ensure that our current efforts were supporting a holistic approach to employee health. [Working with Joyworkz] … has given us a personalised action plan that provides direction in promoting new workplace wellbeing initiatives, along with some simple steps to augment our existing programs. Libby Berry, HR Advisor, Animates New Zealand.

Hi Kathryn …. Thank you for sending this information through. I have shared it with the MD and HR Director, and they are impressed with what options we have available. Kate Laing, HR Advisor, Neptune Pacific Agency.


I was impressed with the content, balance and presentation of the newsletter. I like the image and mix - it is really refreshing to receive something in your inbox that has a "slice of humour" included in it - when you're head down buried in info it's always good to get something that puts a smile back on your face. I like the balance of the info you share - not too heavy, and things are tackled in good bite sized chunks. Mark Jones, PG Wrightson, Christchurch, NZ.

(The Joyworkz e-newsletter) covers wellness rather than just focused on technical safety issues - a key gap in current available literature and an area of interest for me...happy with your timeframes for delivery, and content. Tina Cummins, Hastings District Council, NZ.

I really enjoy reading and being inspired by the articles (in your e-newsletter), and getting new ideas for our business. Rebecca Hotchin, RCG, NZ.

Love getting your email (e-newsletter), articles pertinent and interesting and in easy to communicate language, jokes always funny and new, page just right length; can interrupt what I'm doing for 5 minutes and take a break to read it without getting bogged down. Mandy Williams, Manukau City Council, NZ.

The articles in your e-newsletter provide current validation on the importance of fun at work and the healthy life-balance. Nat Measley, The Fun Department Co, US.

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