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Chester Grey proactive in supporting staff in the office and at home

A case-study of a company who has used Joyworkz services 

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Chester Grey is a successful firm of Chartered Accountants, founded in 1969. The team employ their considerable experience and enthusiasm, to help clients ranging from SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to large corporates. Being client-focused and flexible, is key to the Chester Grey approach – something that has become even more important in 2020! Chester Grey were eager to support staff to work comfortably both from the office and at home during COVID (and beyond), to ensure they could provide an effective service to clients. They knew that it was also important that staff felt valued and cared for.

The company were proactive in reaching out to Joyworkz in early 2020, in order to institute ergonomic checks for both office and remote settings. They sought a local company with flexibility and expertise, who could cater to the unique needs of their staff. They chose Joyworkz because of their considerable experience in both office and home-based environments, and their knowledge of muscular-skeletal issues. The goal was to ensure that Chester Grey staff remained comfortable and pain free.

Scott Mai, Chester Grey Director, explains that “even prior to the lockdowns which created a need to migrate to working from home, we had, as an organisation, explored more flexible working opportunities with the wider team. Lockdown merely accelerated this. But, it did highlight that it’s one thing to enable working from home with modern technology, but what was lacking was consideration of the setup of the home office environment for the team. Apart from the physicality of the home office environment, we needed our team to understand the long-term health aspects of working from home.

“Joyworkz provided not just the expertise (which is obviously important) but the flexibility to manage this home assessment and related educational process remotely, which was a big plus. We felt this brought much more engagement with the team and affirmed the commitment of the company to making these new arrangements work long term.

Initially, workstation assessments were carried out on staff office set-ups, which gave the Joyworkz assessor a good opportunity to familiarise themself with the unique issues of the office and individual staff (e.g., lighting levels, current furniture, the nature of work, hours of work, existing pain and discomfort, historical injuries etc). Following this, staff had a remote ergonomic check of their home-based office, conducted via Zoom. Staff enjoyed this process as it allowed them to ask any questions about their home set-up and feel confident that they would be ergonomically comfortable and safe, going forward.

Chester Grey found Joyworkz friendly, efficient, and easy to work with. Scott would recommend Joyworkz to other companies with staff both in the office and at home. He says that “their approach was both personable and informative. But more so, each individual’s situation was treated as independent including the home environment which again, brought much greater engagement with the team.

Posted: 15th December 2020