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Computer workstation ergonomic assessments


What is a Workstation Assessment?:

 A workstation assessment is a comprehensive process that aims to identify and correct any poor ergonomic settings and practises which could be causing current or future discomfort (or pain). Computer work is commonly associated with neck, shoulder, back or arm pain, as well as with fatigue and eyestrain. Even small changes made to your staff’s workstations and work practices can improve their productivity, whilst ensuring discomfort, pain and injury are minimised.

Types of Ergonomic Assessments available:

Joyworkz Ergonomic Assessments can include:

  • An initial self-assessment questionnaire that highlights current areas of discomfort
  • Office Desk design, size and height settings (including standing desks)
  • Chair set up, adjustments and correct seated posture
  • Monitor screen(s) / Laptop positioning
  • Footrests, keyboards & copyholders
  • Correct type of mouse & positioning
  • Telephone / Headset check
  • Lighting/Air-conditioning and other environmental factors
  • Helpful postural advice
  • Appropriate stretching and rest break advice
  • A Written Report which includes:
  1. A summary of all changes and adjustments made at the time of the assessment
  2. Any ergonomic hardware that may be required to correct existing discomfort
  3. An assessment of environmental conditions that could be contributing to staff discomfort

Complies with:

Assessor expertise:

Our assessor is very experienced (12 years), professionally trained in the management of discomfort, pain & injury; and is a NZQA work-station assessment accredited practitioner (NZQA standard 17591).

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