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How to have "Fun at Work" - Get the book!!!


About the book:

In Fun at Work, Dr Kathryn Owler recounts her personal story in a light-hearted but insighful fashion, sharing key strategies to achieving a truly satisfying and meaningful work life. 

Kathryn has been in pursuit of fun at work for many years, carrying out academic research on the topic but also by learning hands-on through her own tussles with life. Her sometimes tortuous and humorous journey will provide inspiration for anyone looking to harness the power of fun at work.

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What you will learn:

  • Are you unhappy at work? Learn concrete strategies to achieve joy at work.
  • Do you ever wonder if you are in the right job? Learn to achieve self-acceptance and have fun in any job.
  • Would you like more fun, excitement or stimulation in your work life? The author's journey provides some great inspiration.

Who should read this book?

This book is for workers of all ages who are seeking more fun and true meaning in their work life!

Praise for "Fun at Work"

"Kathryn has shared the stories of her own path, mirroring perfectly the path of others who also seek to find meaning, purpose and joy in their work!" (Pat Armitstead, Worlds First Joyologist. Speaker, Author and Artist)

"I found it utterly refreshing to read Kathryn Owler’s account of her own convoluted search for happiness at work .. I recommend Fun At Work as a must-read for “dream job” seekers of all ages." (Mike Wagg, Freelance editor and proof-reader)

"I have always felt that there should be something more to work that just earning money. So much time is spent in the workplace and it should be a place that is fun, something that is looked forward to rather than dreaded. I found this book provided some useful ideas and tips that I am trying to implement in my current work situation." (Jessie R Green, Administrator and writer in her spare time)

"The mix of personal stories and lessons learnt ensures this book is never boring! This book is a must-read for those who see work as more than just a means to an end and who are looking for a greater sense of satisfaction in their working lives." (Stephanie Cook, Librarian)

Free chapter download:

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About the Author


Dr Kathryn Owler, has a lifelong interest in vocational experience, specialising in fun at work. After completing her PhD in sociology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, she has researched and published on the subject of fun and wellbeing at work. She has also learned hand-ons through her own tussles with work life many strategies to enjoy life more. She is currently a director of Joyworkz, a NZ based workplace wellness company.

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