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The Habit At Work Neck Stretches

Stretching is a great way of helping to reduce muscle discomfort that can build up quickly when using your computer. The benefits of stretching include increased flexibility, increased range of movement, increased blood flow to muscles, postural improvements, reduction of stress and prevention of lower back pain. 


Ergonomic Stretches for Neck Pain

Whenever carrying out any of these stretches remember the following stretching advice:

  • Stretches should be completed on both sides of the body, 2 - 3 times
  • Hold stretches for the times indicated
  • Breathe out slowly as you stretch
  • Make sure that you only feel the stretch in the area indicated
  • Only hold stretches that feel good, and let go of stretches gently

Carrying out the following stretching exercises (in any order) can help to reduce discomfort and muscle tightness.

Chin Retraction

 Gently push your head straight back (not up or down) so that your ear is directly above your shoulder.

 Diagonal Side Bend

 Take your ear towards your shoulder and then tip your head forwards.

Neck Rotation

 This stretch is good at targeting one side of the neck at a time.

Neck Side Flexion

 This stretch is good at targeting one side of the neck at a time.


In need of a complete Workstation Assessment?

Joyworkz Ergonomic Assessments can include:

  • An initial self-assessment questionnaire that highlights current areas of discomfort
  • Office Desk design, size and height settings (including standing desks)
  • Chair set up, adjustments and correct seated posture
  • Monitor screen(s) / Laptop positioning
  • Footrests, keyboards & copyholders
  • Correct type of mouse & positioning
  • Telephone / Headset check
  • Lighting/Air-conditioning and other environmental factors
  • Helpful postural advice
  • Appropriate stretching and rest break advice
  • A Written Report which includes:
  1. A summary of all changes and adjustments made at the time of the assessment
  2. Any ergonomic hardware that may be required to correct existing discomfort
  3. An assessment of environmental conditions that could be contributing to staff discomfort

Complies with:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA)
  • Guidelines for using computers, ACC 5637(Nov 2010)
  • AS/NZS 4442 – 2018, Office desks, office workstations and tables intended to be used as office desks

Assessor expertise:

Our assessor is very experienced (12 years), professionally trained in the management of discomfort, pain & injury; and is a NZQA work-station assessment accredited practitioner (NZQA standard 17591).

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