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Employee wellbeing a key focus for Loyalty NZ

A case-study of a company who has used Joyworkz services 

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Loyalty New Zealand is a vibrant and dynamic company with offices in Auckland and Wellington. They’re best known for the popular Flybuys programme and besides rewarding their members, they are also committed to taking care of their staff, with an emphasis on wellbeing.

As the team are primarily office-based, ergonomic wellbeing is a key focus for the company. This focus is part of ensuring that they meet their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015). The Act states that the health and safety of others should not be put at risk from work carried out as part of the conduct of the business or undertaking. The goal of ergonomic assessments is to ensure that employees might prevent ‘discomfort, pain or injury’ (ACC, 2206).

Joyworkz has been regularly providing ergonomic assessments for the Auckland-based team for over six years.

Loyalty NZ has appreciated Joyworkz’ holistic approach to ergonomics, which includes environmental conditions such as light and sound. For instance, they consulted with Joyworkz regarding issues with newly installed LED strip lighting (as a replacement for florescent tubes), which was causing staff headaches and sore eyes from the glare.

The Joyworkz assessor was able to advise the team and provide suggestions for the lighting company to remedy a faulty installation. Lighting levels for staff are now more comfortable and in line with recommended standards.

Adele Pieterse, Chief People & Culture Officer at Loyalty NZ says: “Joyworkz works with our Loyalty NZ Auckland team to evaluate our employees’ at their workstations and to ensure optimal working postures and ergonomic work practices.

“They also ensure correct workstation set up and make equipment recommendations where appropriate. Ensuring the correct adjustments are made to our team’s work practices and workstations is part of our employee experience at Loyalty NZ. This has an impact on our employees’ productivity and ensures they are free from any pain and discomfort.”

Posted: 19 Feb 2020

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