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Vista raises visibility of staff wellbeing

A case-study of a company who has used Joyworkz services 

 Vista Boot Camp

Picture: Final boot-camp 2019, courtesy Vista website

Vista is a rapidly growing, vibrant software development company. It was started in 1996 by a few software developers and has been expanding ever since. It is now a global company that employs over 500 people, with approximately 320 staff working in the Auckland office. Since its inception, Vista management have placed high value on staff wellness, understanding that healthy staff will be happy and best placed to do a great job.

In 2011, Vista were looking for a Workstation Assessment provider for their growing staff. They wanted a provider who was flexible enough to support their changing needs. For instance, they needed a company who could not only provide regular ergonomic assessments, but also provide ergonomic advice on their new services layout. Joyworkz were selected for their holistic approach to ergonomics, combining musculoskeletal expertise, with a good knowledge of seating, office hardware and environmental conditions such as lighting and noise. Joyworkz have been working regularly with Vista ever since and are now booked on a monthly basis, to provide ergonomic assessments for new staff and current staff who may have moved workstations.

The biggest benefit Vista have noticed since working with Joyworkz on ergonomic matters has been the opportunity to highlight to all staff, from the outset of employment, that they care about staff wellbeing. Having all staff well set up ergonomically (and provided with ergonomic advice on individual issues) during induction, has seen very low levels of ergonomic discomfort, pain and injury (DPI).

Aimee Wilshire, who is part of the Vista People and Culture team, explains that offering workstation assessments as part of the onboarding experience “helps to personalise the workspace to the employee. This sets the tone that Vista cares about employees’ wellbeing right from the start”. The team find Joyworkz staff to be “friendly and professional, and our employees are comfortable with them. They genuinely care about our employees and making sure all our new starters are comfortable in their new work area”.

Vista also value Joyworkz ongoing ergonomic advice says Aimee, “Joyworkz has also been helpful in providing us with advice and recommendations outside of their usual monthly workstation assessments. When we need to provide a piece of equipment to an employee, Joyworkz are more than happy to offer recommendations of products and how to set them up properly for maximum effect”.

Joyworkz have also provided stress management services for staff, as part of Vista’s wellness seminar series. Joyworkz were once again selected for their rounded approach, able to provide teaching to staff on both the physiological and psycho-social components of stress.

Aimee believes that “any business with the intent to show their employees that they care about their wellbeing will benefit from Joyworkz services, especially businesses where employees are at computers for most of the day. Their expertise is invaluable in all things wellbeing, from workstation assessments to more dynamic definitions of wellness”.

Posted: 17 Feb 2020


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