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Every workplace wellness intervention in your workplace has the potential to make a difference. To that end, we have created the Joyworkz Blog to help you keep abreast of the latest workplace wellness research, trends and tips.

Bringing clarity to work-life balance

on Monday, 14 October 2019. Posted in Wellness Programme Design

WLB Blog

Work life balance (WLB) has become an area of focus for businesses since the 2000s. Reasons include a greater participation of women in workplace, increasing dual-earner families, rising living standards, new technologies and longer work hours. We discuss four types of WLB practices below, explaining how they can be good for business and providing some real-world examples we have observed while working with local companies.

8 Ways to encourage staff attendance at health seminars

on Sunday, 28 April 2019. Posted in Wellness Programme Design

Attending training

Companies concerned to promote good staff wellbeing, will often provide health seminars for their staff. These generally cover valuable topics such as stress management, good nutrition and work-life balance. Even though the sessions are free and generally short, it is sometimes difficult to encourage busy staff to take the time out to attend.

Healthy work snack ideas!

on Wednesday, 20 February 2019. Posted in Wellness Programme Design, Occupational Health

healthy work snacks

Good food is a key ingredient for staying healthy, resilient and productive in work and life. Experts recommend that when it comes to a healthy diet, we plan ahead. Packing a healthy, yummy lunch for work – including snacks and drinks - helps avoid the temptation to eat unhealthy food. It also aids on saving money!

Supercharge your business with a well-planned wellness programme

on Thursday, 05 April 2018. Posted in Wellness Programme Design

Supercharge your business

These days, most large employers in New Zealand have a wellness programme of some sort. However, a well-planned, well designed wellness programme is important for small to medium business too. A well planned - rather than an ad hoc - wellness programme helps you target areas of greatest need and maximise your company's financial investment in wellness. And importantly, it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

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