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Every workplace wellness intervention in your workplace has the potential to make a difference. To that end, we have created the Joyworkz Blog to help you keep abreast of the latest workplace wellness research, trends and tips.

Teambuilding is a word that is used in modern workplaces to refer to practices that build bonds, loyalty and friendship within teams. This strategy reflects a recognition that work environment impacts on the way that people think, feel and act. Research has shown team cohesion contributes to satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

Poi at work: Spin your way to a healthy future!

on Wednesday, 18 April 2018. Posted in Teambuilding, Mental Wellbeing

Poi for your health seminar

Most kiwis know that poi is a Māori tradition. You may have seen dazzling displays in kapa haka, or even done poi yourself in primary school. But did you know there are many different styles of poi practiced all over the world? And, that twirling poi can improve your health?

Team work in practice - Dealing with death in the workplace

on Friday, 13 October 2017. Posted in Teambuilding

Grief at work

Sometimes life has a habit of dishing up a curved ball when one least expects it. One of the hardest challenges to deal with at work is the death of a close colleague. In this article we take a look at different stages of the grief process and how one workplace helped their staff through this difficult time…

How to motivate a team through corporate giving

on Tuesday, 21 March 2017. Posted in Teambuilding

corporate giving sized

Being a company that gives to the wider community has many benefits for both individual staff and business. We examine some of the benefits below, including fun team building and staff motivation and engagement.

How to manage fun at work across the Baby Boomer, Gen X and Y Generations

on Saturday, 21 June 2014. Posted in Teambuilding, Satisfaction At Work

Fun at work Y gen X gen baby boomer

Research suggests that people, across all the generations, can value having fun at work (i.e. Hemsath & Sivasubramaniam, 2001; Owler & Morrison, 2012; Yerkes, 2007). This article surveys what is known in general about baby-boomers, X-gens and Y-gens (or millennials) and draws some conclusions about how each generation views fun at work.

Corporate wellness requires fun at work to work!

on Thursday, 25 April 2013. Posted in Teambuilding, Satisfaction At Work

Workers having fun exercising sized

The most important thing when running a wellness programme is to ensure maximum employee participation. However, that is not always easy! Experienced workplace wellness providers argue that the key to ensuring enthusiastic involvement, is to make programmes fun.

Is your team-building ‘fun’ missing the point?

on Sunday, 09 September 2012. Posted in Teambuilding

team building fun at work

Looking to boost morale or reward staff with a Team Building event? Fun is no straight forward strategy and getting it right can be a serious business. In this article we discuss some elements that ensure your team building is on target.

Is Fun at work good for business?

on Friday, 07 September 2012. Posted in Teambuilding, Satisfaction At Work

Team having fun sized

Fun at work is often promoted as a tool to positively energise and motivate staff. However, what kind of fun at work is good for business? And, how is it best to promote fun at work? We take a look at the evidence.

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